Shield Medica | Non-expandable Mobile Unit
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Non-expandable Mobile Unit

Shield Medica mobile units are the most beneficial – qualitatively, technically and economically. Shield Medica Mobile Units designed to operate in tropical zone at high temperature, salt laden and high humidity atmosphere. It is also designed to provide ease of operation, safety, reliability and accessibility for repair and maintenance.

The Non-Expandable Mobile Medical Unit is similar to trucks. This unit can be customized as per client’s requirement.

All the body works and panels are made and manufactured in a unique sandwich panel construction, made of a layer of fiber glass reinforced polyester, high density insulation foam, plywood sheets, and another fiber glass reinforced polyester at the top, the electric wiring will be built-in and integrated inside the body with a special type of cable ducts, the unit will be designed to give ease of use, sustainability and functionality, it could be customized as per clients requirements and its available with all the sizes, our units also designed to work anywhere with a guarantee of giving the maximum comfort expected.

Units can come with built – in generators, air conditioning, heating system, water supply, work counters,cabinets, and a full array of medical equipment.

Unique features of the construction concept:
  • Free of charge Warranty on the sandwich construction of minimum 5 years
  • Long term protection of your sensitive medical equipment
  • Economic life time of the trailer unit > 15 years, with considerable rest value
  • Overall lowest cost performance by far
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