Shield Medica | Expandable Mobile Hospital
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Expandable Mobile Hospital

Key Features

Our mobile medical units are the most beneficial – qualitatively, technically, economically. It is also designed to provide ease of operation, safety, reliability and accessibility for repair and maintenance. Also this well constructed medical trailer can withstand any extreme weather conditions. The inside unit temperature have to be guaranteed absolutely steady & secure wherever the unit may be stationed or transported and in whatever circumstances in order to avoid costly maintenance of the equipment and ensuring precise functioning.

our custom built expandable trailers is divided into two categories; the single expandable units, and the double expandable units, we are offering a key-turn solutions on one trailer, depending on our strong engineering services and our experiences in healthcare field, our expandable units are customized to give a clinical solutions, all the units are integrated with air conditioning system, power generator, hydraulic system, and air filtration, it also could be provided with hydraulic lifter as an option, custom built mobile clinics are our specialty, we can provide you the ideal solution which will meet your demands.


The body is made of a high quality sandwich construction, which is also used in the aircraft industries. The span widths of the expandable pods are made as a steel construction of steel tubes.

Hydraulic System

For the big extension of the sidewalls there will be mounted a full hydraulic system, the system is divided in 3 parts:

  • Support of the semi trailer chassis to the ground.
  • Extension on the right and left.
  • Operations of the floor flaps in the slide out.
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