Shield Medica | Siliconized Resuscitator
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Siliconized Resuscitator

Technical Features

  • Standard configure: Gasbag, aspirated valve, air blender, mask, oxygen therapy pipe, tube, airway and wrapping case.
  • This product is mainly used for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and artificial respiration auxiliary, keep the patients normal breathing during the short-term after awake.
  • Because the product is disposable, it can eliminate the possibility of cross infection.
  • This product with a pressure limiting valve for patient safety gas pressure.
  • The rough surface of the resuscitators can ensure the rescuer has stable operation.
  • This product can be disinfected at 134℃ autoclave repeatedly (without oxygen pipe and an air bag)
  • The patient end of the connector is standard caliber 22/15mm (apply to the standard ISO5356-1)
  • The materials of the spares are not silicone.
  • This products applies to standard ISO10651-4:2002 and MDD/93/42/EEC
Paramedic using oxygen reservoir to help young patient
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