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Isolation Stretcher

Technical Features

The isolation stretcher is mainly used for the transport of potent respiratory infectious disease patients ,to prevent the spread of pathogens and reduce health care provider infection rates. Using high-quality and durable non-toxic plastic, sealing zipper.

The ISO Chamber is a negative pressure isolation and transport chamber, to prevent the leakage of the polluted cabin air. Battery operated blower unit by lithium battery for approx.8-10 hours under normal conditions.

Eight diameter, re-sealable access ports allow the pass-through of medicine ,food and equipment, One port is fitted with standard oxygen supply fitting and all ports can be fitted with latex, butyl or neoprene gloves, operated by the medical personnel.

The exhaust equipment can provide continuous constant airflow to internal, so the internal air can get continuous replenishment;

Features & Benefits

Using high efficiency filtered suction(negative pressure) to filter the polluted air. The stretcher is made of PE material with no contaminator and transparent plastic; Designed with oxygen supply connector, convenient for supplying oxygen to the patient inside; With 8 handles for lifting patient

14. Isolation Stretcher
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