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SHIELD Automatic stretcher to load and unload patients from emergency vehicles can be moved by only one person. Specially designed with roll‐in system to easily load and unload patients from emergency vehicle without lifting them. Legs fold under cot automatically as stretcher is rolled into the vehicle. Mattress, belts, side rails and fixing devices are included.

Product Description

This is made of high-strength aluminum alloy thick-wall pipes. It is supplied with foamed cushion and the adjustable back making the wounded feel comfortable. This machine is very convenient; one person is enough to send the patient (with this stretcher) to the ambulance car. The mechanical foldaway legs are controlled by the handles on the both ends of the stretcher. And the legs can be folded under the stretcher automatically when loading into the vehicle. Also, the stretcher can be locked by the fixing devices when on the ambulance car. This type of stretcher is characterized by its light weight, durable, safe usage and easy for sterilization.

Model: SM-NFA2-01
High Position (L×W×H): 85 x 55 x 92 cm
Low Position (L×W×H): 185 x 55 x 25 cm
Max Angle of the Back: 75º
Distance between the front and rear wheel: 108 cm Maximum
Load Bearing Capacity 159 kg

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