Shield Medica | Handheld Pulse Oximeter
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Handheld Pulse Oximeter

SHIELD Handheld Pulse oximeter is a robust and accurate device for spot checks of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) level and pulse rate.

As a portable, convenient and reliable physiological monitoring device, handheld pulse oximeter AH-MX can greatly enhance patient care. It is widely applied in clinics, hospitals, medical organizations, and emergency wards, etc.

Technical Features

  • Visual & sound alarms
  • Auto-Rotate screen
  • With medical grade AC/DC charger
  • Stores up to 99 IDs with 300 records each
  • High resolution 2.4” color display
  • Light and compact handheld design
  • Convenient 3 AA size alkaline or rechargeable Li-ion batter
Model: SM-AHMX
Patient Range: Adult, Pediatrics and Neonate patients
Display: 2.4” color display 320 x 240 pixels
Battery: Li-ion rechargeable battery or 3 AA Alkaline battries (optional)
Runtime: 14 hours for standard use
Pulse Rate (PR): Range: 25-250 bpm
Resolution: 1 bpm
Accuracy: ±2 bpm
Refreshing Rate: < 13 seconds
SpO2: Range: 0 – 100%
Resolution: 1 %
Accuracy: 70% to 100%; ±2%
0% – 69% not defined
Refreshing Rate: < 13 seconds
Pitch Tone: Yes
Alarm: Gives audible alarm, button tone and beep tone supports
Pitch Tone and multi-level volume Alarm tones meet the requirement of IEC 60601-1-8
Data Storage: Display way: Trend tabular
Trend interval: 10 seconds to 30 minutes
Trend Parameter: 70% to 100%; ±2%
Trend Data: Spot-checkmode; ID from 1 to 99,
300 records for each ID
Appearance: Dimension : 123mm (H)x58.5mm(W)x28mm(D)
Weight : <200g
Safety Standard: CE classifications: IIb
Type of protection against electric shock: II, with internal-
-power device.
Degree of protection against electric shock: CF
Degree of protection against ingress of liquid: IPX1
*specification can change without notice in advance
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